Family Photoshoot

Parents and their two young daughters crouching down and smiling into the camera among tall grass in front of a woodland

Time seems to disappear, doesn’t it? Kids grow up so quickly and our beloved pets don’t stay with us as long as we would like. I know you’re incredibly busy but it’s essential to make time to capture some special memories to look back on in years to come. A family photoshoot is the answer!

Boy and girl dressed smartly in natural colours, standing together in a woodland in autumn and smiling

Beautiful, natural images

I specialise in natural images, particularly outdoors in beautiful light. I’ll capture your personalities and the deep love that binds you together. Sure, I’ll give you all some guidance so that you look your absolute best (we don’t want any double chins or trees appearing to grow out the tops of people’s heads!). However, I’ll do this in a way that doesn’t kill the fun or the spontaneity. Your time together as a family is really precious so it’s important that we make the experience as enjoyable as possible and true to life (without the tantrums, of course!).

We all felt totally relaxed around Karen and were able to be ourselves and interact naturally as a family. We really appreciated how Karen took the time to bond with our son before starting to take photos. The whole experience was great fun and the photos are beautiful!”


Young boy dressed in blue jeans, a brown fleece and boots standing beside a tree with woodland and reeds in the background

Ready to find out more?

I know you’ll have all sorts of questions. Where should we have our family photoshoot? What should we wear? What if the kids misbehave?! Let me put your mind at ease! I’ve pre-empted as many of your questions as possible in my FAQs. Just click the link below!


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