Autumn Family Photoshoot Feature

It’s great that you’re interested in a family session! Before going ahead, I know you’ll want to get a better idea of what the experience will involve. So, let me talk you through a recent autumn family photoshoot with the lovely Ferguson family!

“We had a wonderful photoshoot with Karen capturing the last of the autumn colours. Karen was lovely! We felt really at ease and it was very natural, like our usual Sunday family walk with the occasional pose for a picture. It was such a super experience and ideal for our very energetic kids!”

Jodie Ferguson

Planning your autumn family session

Mum Jodie sent me an enquiry after seeing some examples of my family photography on Facebook. We exchanged a few messages and arranged to chat on a weeknight, after the kids were in bed. I know you’ve got your hands full with work and family, so this is often the best time for a call! I answered Jodie’s questions about what to expect, how to dress for the photoshoot, etc. Also, it was a great opportunity for me to find out more about the family!

Both Jodie and I were keen to arrange the shoot before the autumn colours were past their best. We picked a date at short notice and got lucky with the weather! Although it dulled over towards the end of our session, the weather stayed dry. It was also mild enough for six-year-old Adeline to remove her coat and show off her sparkly dress!

The perfect location

I could suggest some great locations for your photoshoot. Honestly though, your best bet is to choose a place that has a special meaning for your family. Your photos will mean so much more to you this way (and I always get a buzz from shooting somewhere different!).

Jodie chose a riverside setting near Cawdor where she, Cameron and the kids regularly go for a Sunday walk. It was new territory for me, so I arrived half an hour early to have a scout around and pick out some ideal locations for photos. This meant I wasn’t preoccupied with finding suitable backgrounds on our walk through the woods, and was able to chat away to Jodie, Cameron and the kids.

A masterclass on what to wear!

I recommend that you colour-coordinate with other without looking contrived (i.e. avoid matching clothes!). Also, you want to keep clear of bland tones or distractions, such as overly bright colours, clashing outfits or eye-catching logos. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to wear colours that fit with the season in which your photoshoot will take place. For instance, think pastels in spring, or greens and blues in summer.

If you want to know how to dress for an autumn family photoshoot, then have a close look at these pictures! Jodie nailed it! The combination of rusty oranges, browns, navy and mustard yellow worked perfectly. Everyone looked smart but without being too formal for a walk in the woods.  

A Sunday walk with a few poses for the camera!

Adeline and her four-year-old brother Lachlan were a little bit shy when they stepped out the car and met me for the first time. This lasted for all of two minutes! The kids were soon totally relaxed. As Jodie herself has said, it was like their usual Sunday family walk but with a few poses for the camera!

Adeline and Lachlan were on their best behaviour at the start of the photoshoot, so that was a good time to direct them into different ‘poses’. I didn’t want the images to appear too staged, so I just asked them to make some minor adjustments. Throughout the session, I also captured all the different combinations I could think of, such as everyone on their own, parents together, kids together, a Daddy and daughter picture, and so on.

Relaxed, natural and fun!

The kids were clearly comfortable in familiar surroundings and ran ahead to the confluence of the River Nairn and the Cawdor Burn. There’s a pebble ‘beach’ here and Adeline and Lachlan had so much fun throwing stones into the water!

After the kids enjoyed some well-deserved sweets, we all started retracing our steps. On the walk back to the car, the kids played on a couple of tree trunks that had fallen over, and they dug in the sand, pretending to make cakes! I loved their vivid imaginations, and it was great to see them totally relaxed around the camera (and the photographer!).

I hope the Fergusons’ photos have inspired you to invest in an autumn family photoshoot, or a session at any time of the year! If you’re ready to start planning your photography, then just click the link below. I’ll look forward to out chat!


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