Summer Family Photoshoot Feature

I know that, before you book your family photoshoot, you’ll have a few questions. Perhaps the best way to answer them is to actually show you a family session from start to finish! The lovely Liptrot family have very kindly allowed me to share these memories of their summer family photoshoot. Enjoy!

“You have the perfect personality and friendly smile for family photography!!! The girls loved you and it really went so well!!! What a wonderful experience!”

Kristen Liptrot

Finding the time…

Kristen and Kyle are in the same boat as most people, juggling careers with young kids, pets and numerous other demands on their limited time. However, despite being super busy, they know that their daughters are at a really precious age. So, Kristen and Kyle invested in some professional family photography to capture this special time in their lives.

The best way to free up time for a family session is to slot me into your usual routine! Kristen and I exchanged a few messages then had a call during a rare spell of downtime for the kids! We chatted about where to do the photoshoot, what to wear and so on, set aside a weekend, and kept an eye on the weather forecast!

We ended up with a perfect day for our summer family photoshoot; warm and bright with some clouds in the sky, without it being too hot, or the sun blasting down on us.

A stress-free start to the day!

I know that, with a young family, trying to get somewhere for a specific time can be stressful! With the Liptrots, we had a stress-free start to the day, with me going to their house. This gave me a chance to ‘break the ice’ with six-year-old Islay and four-year-old Skye on their turf. They introduced me to their hens, then I helped them (and their parents!) decide what to wear.

After a cup of coffee in the garden, we headed out when everyone was ready. Kristen had chosen a nearby spot by the River Nairn. The family regularly cycle here for picnics and even a spot of wild swimming! We left the bikes at home (falling off a bike wouldn’t be a good start to a family photoshoot!) and drove downhill to the river.

How to prepare the kids (and yourselves!)

Kristen and Kyle had clearly done a brilliant job of preparing the girls for the photoshoot. Islay and Skye knew they had to be on their best behaviour and that Karen needed to get these photos!! Also, Kristen, Kyle and the girls had followed my advice on what to wear. They dressed in light blue and green tones, which worked perfectly with the colours in August. They looked so natural in their surroundings!

We started off with a family portrait, then I captured some individual pictures of the girls, then the sisters together. I could see Islay and Skye were a little apprehensive to begin with, but their shyness soon wore off. Before long, the kids were running around and laughing and 100% being themselves! This allowed me to capture genuine candid moments as well as the more ‘posed’ pictures.

Energy boosts and bribery…!

As expected, Islay and Skye needed an energy boost after a wee while. Kristen and Kyle had come prepared with crisps and juice! There was also a promise of ice cream later in the day, if the girls did as they were asked!

After a well-deserved snack, Islay and Skye were happy for me to crack on with the photography. The riverside was a lovely location for capturing a number of natural portraits, and the kids were clearly comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Precious memories

The time flew by! We all had so much fun. I was thrilled to peek at the back of my camera and know that Kristen and her family were going to love the pictures. In fact, the Liptrots loved their photos so much that they purchased my Deluxe family package! Last but not least, the girls were so good that they got their ice creams!

I hope you love this summer family photoshoot as much as I do! Ready to book your own family session, regardless of what time of year it is? Brilliant! I’ll look forward to chatting with you!


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