Family Photoshoot FAQs

Four women smiling with their arms around each other, dressed in blue and white, in a family portrait photograph in woodland

I’m sure you’ll have a few questions ahead of your family portrait photography session. I’ve done my best to answer them here. If I’ve missed anything out, just let me know!

What will your approach be on the day?

Most importantly, your family photoshoot is going to be FUN! This is how to sell it to your husband and the kids! I’m very down to earth and easy to get along with, so we’ll soon ‘break the ice’, which will help everyone to relax in front of the camera.

I’ll capture lots of photographs, with different combinations of people, in different settings, and I’ll show you how to sit or stand so that the photos look very natural and not overly posed. I’ll also capture some more candid shots, such as when the kids are running towards the camera (if they’re up for this!). It’s also a great opportunity for me to take a step back and capture your family interacting as though I wasn’t there! We’ll use more than one location so that there’ll be a good amount of variety in the images but also because everyone will feel more comfortable around the camera as time goes on (the best pictures are often the ones captured in the second half of the photoshoot).

Will the photoshoot take place indoors or outdoors?

I LOVE working with natural light so prefer to be outdoors. I think this also helps with capturing natural and fun images. However, I’m also happy to work indoors, especially if you have a young baby or if the weather isn’t great. If you like, we can capture a few images in your house before heading out to the garden or, ideally, a nearby location that means something special to your family, such as a local beach or woodland. Your family is unique and I want to reflect this in my photography! This is why I don’t work in a studio or repeatedly use the same locations.

What if the weather’s rubbish?

This is Scotland; the weather is the one thing that’s beyond our control! Heavy rain, high winds or thick fog would put a stop to an outdoor photoshoot. Depending on the weather conditions, we might be able to go ahead but have to re-think our location, e.g. we’d want to avoid the beach on a really windy day and head inland instead. I suggest that we arrange a preferred date but also put a ‘reserve date’ in the diary, which we can use if the weather looks like it’s going to be particularly bad first time around. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be charged extra if we move the date due to the weather.

What should we wear?

I want the photos to reflect you as a family, so wear what you would normally wear but give some thought to the following. Firstly, avoid red or orange. Really bright colours will grab the viewer’s attention so that, when you look at the photos, you’re going to be drawn to your son’s t-shirt and not the emotions in the image. We don’t want this! Also, try to avoid huge logos on clothing (think of Gap and you’ll know what I mean). You should also try to coordinate with each other, e.g. everyone dresses in blue and white. However, try to avoid falling into the trap of all wearing blue jeans and white t-shits, which would look really contrived. You want to look like a family and not a pop group!

What if my kids misbehave?

The best thing is to let me deal with the kids as much as possible. I know this is hard but it’ll be more difficult for me to capture great images if you’re angry and the kids are upset. Also, if one of the kids doesn’t want to do something, then let’s not force them to. Tears, frowns and red faces are not a good look. Don’t worry if someone has a meltdown! We can take a break then return to the photos once everyone’s calmed down (and I won’t be clock-watching, I promise).

I don’t like having my picture taken. Can you just photograph the kids?

If you feel really strongly about not being in the photos, then I won’t force you into the pictures! My husband hates having his photo taken, so I’m used to this! Think carefully though. Your kids won’t care about the way you look but they, and you, will treasure these family photographs in years to come. I’m hoping that the experience will be enjoyable enough that you’ll soon forget about any insecurities.

Do you do newborn photography?

I take a very natural approach with babies. You might have seen photos of newborns in various poses (typically asleep and often with props). Whilst I appreciate this style of photography, it’s a very specialised genre and not what I do!

What about our pets?

I’m an animal lover and always like to get our furry companions involved! I suggest we do photos with and without the pets, and we can plan the locations around this.

What will we discuss during the pre-shoot consultation?

We’ll arrange a phone call for a 10-15 minute chat in advance of your family photoshoot. This will help me to find out more about your family, and you can get to know me better too! We can discuss locations, what to wear etc. After our call, you’ll hopefully be feeling excited and will know exactly what to expect on the day!

Do you travel?

I’m based on the Black Isle so I do most of my family sessions in the Inverness area. If you’re not too far away (e.g. Dornoch, Elgin, Drumnadrochit etc.), I’ll be happy to travel to you. If you’re based much further afield, we can discuss an additional fee to cover my travel, or you’re welcome to travel to me!

What photography packages do you offer?

I offer two photography packages (click here and scroll down the page). Please don’t feel too restricted by these! I’d be happy to offer you a bespoke package if needed.

Can we pay in installments?

If you book the deluxe package, then we can agree a payment plan where you pay in installments over a couple of months.

How do we enquire or book?

Please use the contact form or book a call with me. Let’s have a chat first, then get you booked in. To go ahead, I’ll just need you to complete an online booking form and transfer the balance. Simples!

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