Interior Photography in the Highlands

Interior image of a luxurious dining room with a wooden table laid for twelve, with a peach rug and portraits on the walls

Professional interior photography in
Inverness, the Highlands and Moray

Please scroll down to view a few images from my portfolio of architectural and interior photography captured in Inverness, the Highlands and Moray, and throughout the north of Scotland. This portfolio will give you a feel for my style of interior photography. There are a lot of images on this page so please be patient if it takes a second or two to load!

High Standards

I shoot wide but never to the point of distortion. I’m always very careful to make sure that the lines in a room appear straight on a photograph. I’d always rather capture a couple of different angles than compromise on the quality of the photography.

Bright Images with Warm Tones

Some photographers only shoot with the lights off. However, I prefer to work with the lights on and to mix this with ambient light. The result is bright images with warm and welcoming tones. I want the viewer to feel that they could just walk into any of the rooms.

Bedroom with cream walls, a red throw on the double bed and a blue chair by the window, captured by an interior photographer

An Eye For Detail

I take my time setting up my compositions, tugging creases out of bed sheets and straightening pictures on the walls. I have an eye for detail. This means that I’ll do justice to your property with my images, and you and your prospective clients won’t spot any annoying distractions in the photographs.

Interior photograph of a sitting room in a converted church near Inverness, with a large rug, organ, armchairs and a stove

Portfolio: Professional Interior Property Photography

Your Photography Project

Do you want images like these for your website, social media platforms and Airbnb listing? Excellent! I’d love to get involved. Please get in touch and provide me with the following information:

  • Your chosen photography package.
  • Your timescales and availability.
  • The location of your property.
  • The size of the property (number of bedrooms, bathrooms and public rooms).
  • The orientation of your property.
  • Whether you require both interior and exterior images.

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