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If you’re looking for a guest speaker, please get in touch! I’m an experienced public speaker and am not phased by the prospect of standing up in front of a busy lecture theatre! I love communicating my passion for landscapes and wedding photography, providing useful tips for aspiring photographers, and sharing the stories behind my images, with a good balance of thought-provoking and funny anecdotes.

“One of the best speakers to date!”

livingston camera club
Guest speaker - white Ersikay pony standing side on in sand dunes with the sea, beach and hills in the background

“I loved seeing your visions and dedication to get ‘the shot’; very inspirational.

I found your talk extremely informative and easy to understand and just enjoyed listening to your enthusiasm and passion within your photography journey. Really cool and totally inspired me to get out more, be patient, try harder and look at the details as well as the bigger picture.

Thank you very much for sharing your pictures with us all!”

staci mcneil, inverness camera club

I’ve traveled the length and breadth of Scotland in recent years, to present to the organisations listed below. As you’ll see, most of my talks have been to camera clubs and photographic societies. However, I can also pitch my work at a non-technical level for the benefit of groups whose members have an interested in photography but are not familiar with the industry jargon! Regardless of the audience, I try not to be overly technical and instead focus on the emotions behind the images and less so on the business of shutter speeds and apertures.

“Glenrothes Camera Club was delighted to invite Karen to our club where she entertained our members with a display of her stunning work.

Karen’s presentation was not only informative but she managed to keep everyone’s attention throughout with her dedication and passion for photographing our beautiful country.

I’d highly recommend Karen to anyone thinking of booking her. Thanks Karen!”

alan sinclair, glenrothes camera cub
Guest speaker - dramatic orange and yellow sunset behind a mountainous island with the sea and a beach in the foreground

I’d love to hear from you if you’re in need of a guest speaker. Please get in touch!

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