Natural Newborn Photography

A baby dressed in white lying on its front on a white blanket and gazing upwards

Natural newborn photography and baby photography in Inverness, the Highlands and Moray

Congratulations! You’re looking for natural newborn photography and baby photography to capture this special time in your life! I provide newborn baby photoshoots as well as sessions for older babies and infants in Inverness and throughout the Highlands and Moray.

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I take a very natural and organic approach, with the focus on the baby without any props or accessories. This is perfect if you prefer a classic style of baby photography. Family photos are also included and, again, the emphasis is on relaxed and natural posing. Baby photography involves a lot of patience and the emphasis is on capturing quality images, as opposed to capturing a large quantity.

Your photoshoot will take place in the comfort of your own home. Newborn sessions are done ideally during the first four weeks, when your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping. Those early weeks can be really tiring and overwhelming, making your home the ideal setting for your newborn baby photoshoot. You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable in familiar surroundings, helping me to create very natural and true-to-life images. To get the best results, please hold off on your photoshoot until your baby’s skin has finished peeling.

Twin babies, one facing the camera and the other facing away are dressed in pink, lying on a grey throw, sleeping.

Portfolio: Natural Newborns & Infants

A baby girl in a multi-coloured woollen cardigan laughing while lying in a white bouncer with flowers in the background

Baby & Natural Newborn Photography:

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Free Download: Everything You Need to Know
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