Scanning Slides and Negatives in Inverness

Hello! I’m Karen and I’m a professional photographer based in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. Maybe you’ve been having a clear out and have found a box of old slides or negatives. Wouldn’t it be great to bring these old memories into the twenty-first century and get them digitised? I’m here to help with scanning slides and negatives in Inverness and the Highlands.

Portrait photograph of Karen Thorburn, wearing a flowery top and smiling into the camera with a dark sky in the background

Digitising precious memories

I understand just how precious these images are to you. They’re irreplaceable, aren’t they? Since losing loved ones in recent years, I’ve unearthed boxes of slides and negatives and have been busy digitising them myself in my spare time. It’s brought a lot of pleasure to my remaining family members and the results have even inspired me to embark on another personal project; re-visiting the scenes of these old memories and capturing up-to-date photographs.

A family photo of a mum, a boy and a girl sitting on a rock by the side of a footpath with trees and a hill summit beyond
A photo of a young woman sitting on a rock by the side of a footpath with trees and a hill summit in the background

Caring for your family heirlooms

I’m guessing you don’t have the time or specialist equipment required in order to digitise your old slides and negatives yourself. It’s so easy to put off this huge task then regret it further down the line. Outsourcing it is the stress-free option! I know you probably feel a little anxious about entrusting a complete stranger with such precious items. With me, you can relax in the knowledge that I’ll treat your family heirlooms with the love and respect that they deserve.

A photo of a young dad holding his toddler age daughter with a city skyline with a castle and spire behind them

Client service

I’m something of a perfectionist. When it comes to digitising your slides and negatives, I’ll focus on doing the job well, taking the time to carefully remove any dust, meticulously line up the slide or negative in my specialist scanner, ensure the images are facing the correct way, and file them in chronological order. With me, you’ll know that your images are going to be digitised to a high standard. Of course, it’s not just about the images! I’ll provide a friendly and hassle-free service, complete with personal touches, and clear and prompt communication.

Frequently asked questions

I’m sure you’ll have a few questions before going ahead, so I’ve done my best to answer them here.

I can scan any of the following film types:

135 film (36 x 24mm)

126 film (27 x 27mm)

110 film (17 x 13mm)

Super 8 film (4.01 x 5.79mm)

Monochrome film


I'll scan your images at 22* megapixels and provide high resolution JPEGs. The file sizes will typically be around 2.5 MB each.

*If your film type doesn't allow scanning at 22 megapixels, I'll scan the images at the slightly lower resolution of 14 megapixels.

A small amount of cropping occurs during the scanning process. It's simply the nature of the scanning technology and the size of the old film.

As a photographer, I'll use my professional judgement as to whether to crop the top or bottom of the image. For instance, with a full length portrait, I'll try to ensure there is more space above the subject's head than below their feet.

You have three options to choose from here!

1. You can drop off and collect the slides/negatives from my home address on the Black Isle (postcode area IV7 8LL).

2. I can come to you but I'll need to charge you mileage from my home address (including return travel) at £0.45 per mile.

3. Alternatively, we can use a trusted courier who will collect the images from your home or work address, and return them to you once the scanning is complete. The cost will depend on the size and weight of the package. Please contact me to request a quote.

I always recommend keeping the originals, however it's not a problem if you don't want them back. In this case, I'll safely dispose of your slides/negatives once you've received the digital files and have had sufficient time to back them up.

It really depends on how many other work commitments I have in my diary, and the number of slides/negatives you need scanned. I'll be able to give you an indication when you get in touch with me.

Rest assured, I won't hang on to your slides/negatives any longer than necessary. However, please remember that my aim is to do a good job and not a rushed job!

Please keep scrolling down the page to view my prices!

If you have any special requirements not covered by my price guide, then please contact me for a customised quote.

I'm aware that you might not know exactly how many slides/negatives you need scanned, especially if they've just been piled into a box. I'll quote based on a ballpark number but will charge you more or less depending on the final number of images.

I'll provide your digital scans via a digital download link. However, you'll also have the option of purchasing a USB drive from me.

I can understand that you might want to provide a USB drive of your own. In this scenario, I'll only accept USB drives that are enclosed in their original packaging. I cannot accept USB drives that have previously been used.

Additional postage and packaging fees will apply if you want the images delivered to you on a USB drive.

Firstly, please contact me to let me know your requirements and to check my availability. I'll then provide a quote.

If you're happy to go ahead, I'll send you a link to complete an online booking form. I'll also take a deposit or the full balance (depending on the amount of scanning required), in addition to upfront payment for courier costs (if applicable).

If the final balance is outstanding at the time of booking, this will be due before the digital files can be released and before the slides/negatives can be returned to you.


Here’s a breakdown of my prices for scanning your slides and negatives in Inverness and the Highlands.

Please contact me if your requirements aren’t covered by my price guide and I’ll be happy to provide you with a customised quote.

‘Starting From’ Prices

Scanning (no editing):
£1.50 per image

Optional Extras

Re-naming of digital images and filing:
£0.10 per image

Image enhancement (e.g. dust removal, damage repair, red eye reduction, exposure correction, colour correction, straightening, and sharpening):
£0.50 per image

USB drive:
£35.00 per USB (postage included)

Courier pick-up and drop off anywhere in the UK:
Prices dependent on the size and weight of the package; please contact me to request a quote

Rectangular prints:
6″ x 4″: £2.75
7″ x 5″: £4.25
8″ x 6″: £6.00
10″ x 8″: £8.00
16″ x 12″: £25.00

Square prints:
6″ x 6″: £3.00
7″ x 7″: £6.00
8″ x 8″: £8.00
10″ x 10″: £10.00
16″ x 16″: £30.00

£5.00 flat rate shipping per batch of prints

Next Steps

Hopefully I’ve pre-empted your queries and given you the reassurance you need to press ahead with scanning your slides and negatives in Inverness and the Highlands. Please contact me now to get the ball rolling!


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