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Thanks so much for considering me as your wedding photographer. I’d love to have the opportunity to capture your special day. There are a lot of people out there calling themselves wedding photographers; the challenge is to find the right photographer for you. Why choose me? Let me tell you all about the level of service I provide, and my style of wedding photography.

The Client Experience

I firmly believe that customer service and quality photographs are equally important. After all, a bad experience would taint even the most beautiful images. Before I started my business, one of my closest friends booked an amateur photographer for her wedding. She had to wait six months for the photos!!! I’m not exaggerating. I’m sure she feels that sense of underlying frustration every time she looks at her pictures. I know I would.

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a wedding photographer. This person isn’t baking a cake, dropping it off and going home again. Your photographer is going to be around you all day, sharing in this huge milestone event and capturing your precious memories. After the wedding, you’re going to look back on these images for the rest of your life.

Of course, you have to choose a photographer whose style you love. But, you also have to make sure their client experience is top-rate AND you have to get a genuinely warm vibe from them as a person.

Whoever you choose, make sure they tick all these boxes (and more).


Karen’s pictures are fantastic!

We’re so glad we chose Karen as her knowledge and experience were invaluable to us on the day.

She made us feel so at ease, it truly felt like she was a friend sharing our day.

Karen, we can’t thank you enough for your time, professionalism and good humour at our wedding!”

A Caucasian bride and groom standing together on a woodland path in front of a traditional lamppost, bushes and tall trees

100% Commitment

I’m going to tell you a story.

I’m not looking for sympathy; I just want to illustrate my level of commitment to my wedding clients.

In June 2018, my dad died (many years before his time) at the peak of an extremely busy wedding season. I juggled trips to the hospice in Perth with honouring all my work commitments. I spent the last full day of my dad’s life editing wedding photos next to his deathbed. Two days after he died, I photographed a wedding in Sutherland. In the following month, I photographed weddings in Kintyre, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Broughty Ferry, Skye and Inverness, and I used every spare minute at my desk to keep on top of post-production (not to mention repeated trips to Perth to support my mum and make arrangements for my dad).

It was an absolute nightmare. But, this is the reality of what I took on when I became self-employed. There’s no compassionate leave or sick leave in my world. Even if there was, I couldn’t have left any of these couples in the lurch. I can’t even tell you how fragile and exhausted I felt, but I made sure none of my clients had the slightest inkling as to what was going on in my personal life. I hope I never find myself in such an impossible situation ever again. However, I share this story to give you the confidence that I will step up and deliver for you, no matter what.

We can’t put into words how happy we are to have had Karen as our wedding photographer.

We had so much uncertainty surrounding our day due to the Covid-19 restrictions and Karen was so incredibly understanding and supportive.

We cannot recommend her highly enough.”

A bride in a white dress laughing and holding hands with a groom in a kilt walking on a path in front of lampposts and trees

Female Wedding Photographer

On a lighter note…

There are plenty guys out there doing their fair share of wedding planning but, for the next paragraph, I’m going to speak directly to the brides…

Have you considered the benefits of having a female wedding photographer?

The morning bridal prep is usually quite a girly experience. The bride and bridesmaids get their hair and make-up done by hairdressers and make-up artists who are nearly always women. Apologies to the male photographers, but I slot into this female environment seamlessly. The girly chat always continues as normal. You can just relax in your PJs and drink some fizz while I capture all your details and lots of candid shots! Also, getting into the dress can be quite intimate. I blend into the surroundings and I’m always totally discreet. Something to think about.

“Karen, thank you so much!

There are so many brilliant photos, we love them, and loads of people have got back to us saying how much they like them too!

But, on top of the great photos, you were just really fab to have with us, such a friendly, nice person!”

A blonde bride in a white wedding dress having her veil fitted by a woman in black, in front of two bridesmaids in pink

Attention to Detail

Okay, let’s talk about the photographs.

If you’re shopping around, take the time to really examine your prospective photographer’s work. I’m not talking sharpness or resolution here, because everyone’s images have been compressed to load quickly on the web. I’m talking about colour tones, lighting, composition and people looking their best. Attention to detail. Every image should look vastly superior to what the average person would capture with a phone or compact camera. Otherwise, what’s the point in this investment?

“Karen took such beautiful photos, we honestly couldn’t have asked for better and she’s just such a lovely, genuine person.

We couldn’t recommend Karen highly enough.”

A Caucasian bride in a white dress holding a flowers and standing beside a man of colour in a blue suit, in front of trees

I’m an absolute perfectionist and pride myself on getting things right on the day, then adding the finishing touches (e.g. my signature colour tones) in post-production. I have years of experience behind me. This, along with my beady eye (!), allows me to spot any potential issues before they even arise.

If you’re comparing photographers’ work, ask yourself these questions…

  • Can you see details in people’s faces, particularly in their eyes?
  • Is the lighting soft and flattering, or are there lots of harsh shadows?
  • Do people genuinely look relaxed and comfortable in the photos, or are their shoulders hunched and their hands clenched?
  • Can you see wardrobe malfunctions in the group shots, e.g. socks falling down, squint ties, or jackets riding up?
  • Are the photos straight, or are there lots of weird angles, particularly indoors?
  • Do you like the colours, or do the photos look a bit bland?

My Style of Wedding Photography

Here’s how I describe my style of wedding photography…

Combining Classic and Candid Photography

My couples want a strong emphasis on very natural, authentic images; real memories to look back on. I’ll capture loads of completely candid photographs throughout your wedding. However, I’ll blend this approach with some more traditional, classic photography during your group shots and your couple shots. Most people stand awkwardly if left to their own devices. This is where I step in and give some gentle direction! I might cover your upper arms with your veil, or ask you to lift the hand that’s hanging at your side and make a physical connection with your partner. These are small adjustments but they make a significant difference to the overall look of the images.

“Karen, thank you for your incredible work! Everyone loves the photos.

Words cannot describe the feeling when we see ourselves in the pictures.

You caught so many perfect moments; every single image reflects our emotions.”


Beautiful Details

I know how much thought goes into all the little details that add personal touches to your day. After all, they reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple. I have an eye for detail and I’ll make time to capture everything. I take quite an artistic approach here. You’ll have a beautiful record of all the small details from your wedding, long after the flowers have wilted and the cake has been eaten!

“Wow oh wow!! We couldn’t be happier with the photos! They are amazing!

Karen captured all the emotions and all the little details, as well as making the most of the scenery.

We’re delighted with the results.”

A groom looking tearful next to his laughing bride beside a wedding celebrant in a stretch tent with hills beyond

Blending Love and Landscape

We have so much stunning scenery here in Scotland; I love nothing more than weaving the local landscape into my elopement and wedding photography when the opportunity arises. I’ve travelled around Scotland extensively all my life; I’m never stuck with coming up with ideas for great locations for wedding photos! Even if you’re getting married in town, I’ll know the best locations for capturing some greenery in your pictures, without taking you away from the celebrations for too long.

“We had our first look at the pictures tonight on the big screen and we were totally blown away with them!!

The photographs are out of this world!

Thanks again for capturing our memories so well.”

A Caucasian bride and groom holding hands and walking through long grass in front of a loch and hills in the distance

My Secret Sauce

The key to making all of this work is forming meaningful relationships. I genuinely care about each and every one of my couples. Honestly, it’s such a privilege to be a wedding photographer; to be welcomed into a couple’s life for something this magical and personal. People consistently tell me that I put them at ease (great for relaxed and candid photography) and I often ask myself what it is that I do to achieve this! I think I put people at ease because I get emotionally invested in the day, smiling from ear to ear, feeling the excitement and laughing at the speeches in between firing the camera shutter. I’m not just turning up to do a job, acting like a robot and going home again. For me, wedding photography is a vocation.

“Karen, thank you for making us feel so relaxed. You put us at ease and we really appreciated that!

We really, really pleased with our photos. We love the colours, tone and feel of them all.

Thanks for being so lovely on the day. You made having photos done feel easy and we really did appreciate that.”

A man in a brown trouser suit holding hands with a woman in a green tartan trouser suit standing in front of a red bush

What Next?

Here are a few options for you.

If you’d like to schedule an informal, friendly chat (with no obligation to book), please just pick a timeslot in my calendar for either a phone or video call. This is a great way to start getting to know each other and to begin firming up your plans.


If you’re not quite at the enquiry stage yet, then please feel free to scroll through my wedding photography portfolio to see more examples of my work.


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