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A close up of a brides and groom in red dress and red tartan holding hands to show off the wedding ring

Scotland elopement photographer specialising in bright, beautiful, natural images in Inverness, and the Scottish Highlands and Islands

That’s so exciting that you’re looking for a Scotland elopement photographer! I’d be genuinely delighted to have the opportunity to capture your memories. As an introvert, I love connecting with people on a deep level. As a photographer, I want to invest time in producing the best photographs possible. Also, there’s no better place to work than the Scottish Highlands!

I’m at my happiest when I’m combining my love of portraiture with my passion for landscape photography. This is why I LOVE elopements! This is why I want to work with you, to funnel all my knowledge and enthusiasm into your images and client experience. A lot of Scotland elopement photographers have quite dark, moody styles. That’s not me! I’m all about bright, beautiful, natural images, packed with emotion and the Scottish landscape.

In a sandy, woodland setting, a kilted groom while laughing holds a white umbrella above his laughing brides head

A newly married couple embrace on top of a cliff covered in pink sea thrift looking out to a large blue ocean and grey sky

Scotland Elopement Photographer Portfolio

The Scottish Highlands & Islands

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I know Scotland (particularly the Highlands) like the back of my hand. When I was growing up (in Perth, Scotland), I spent my weekends and holidays caravanning all over the country with my parents and brother. Every time we returned home at the end of a trip, my dad and I inserted a drawing pin into the map of Scotland hanging in my bedroom. When I hit my teens and it was time for my room to be redecorated, I carefully removed the map, to reveal the outline of Scotland in pin holes in the wall!

The Outdoor Life

In my whole life, I’ve been abroad less than 10 times, simply because I love Scotland so much. I’ve visited over 70 Scottish islands (and there are still many to explore!). I’m incredibly lucky to call this beautiful country home and I fulfilled a childhood dream when I moved from Edinburgh to the Highlands back in 2013. I now own a little touring caravan of my own and I spend my spare time trying to rediscover the sense of freedom I took for granted in my childhood and teens! I love getting out and about with my caravan and bike, and I also love long distance walking.

Why I Can Relate…

Home is an old farmhouse on the Black Isle (a peninsula near Inverness), where I live with my husband, Mark, and our two guinea pigs – our fur babies! Mark and I actually eloped when we got married! We tied the knot in a beautiful handfasting ceremony on the beach at Luskentyre on the Isle of Harris in 2017. We didn’t want the fuss and expense of the typical big wedding, and we wanted to do something that felt true to us, our nature-loving, understated, introverted selves!

So, I’ll certainly be able to relate to your elopement plans! AND I can recommend some stunning locations for this incredibly special day!

A bride and groom in traditional tartan dress share a case surrounded by Scottish mountains

In a highland setting a man with a blonde beard,hair and blue kilt embraces his wife dressed in a white wedding dress and shawl

Scotland Elopement Photography:
Pricing, Questions & Booking

I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions about locations, the weather and midges! I’d love to answer them all here… and I will, in the fullness of time. I’m gradually shifting my business away from big weddings to focus on elopements. Making all the necessary changes to my website is a slow process and I’m juggling this with being busy with my other services!

So, in the meantime, please get in touch and provide as much information as possible about your elopement (for instance, potential dates, possible locations, and approximately how many hours of photography you would like on the day). I’ll do my very best to answer all your questions and help you to prepare for your elopement!


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