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Property photography is one of my specialisms. I capture interiors and exteriors for self-catering holiday lets, including luxury, premium accommodation, in Inverness, the Highlands and Moray (and further afield, throughout the north of Scotland). Tourism is booming just now, and new listings are appearing on the likes of Airbnb every day. You’ve decorated and furnished your beautiful property to a high standard but that’s not enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. You also need to invest in professional property photography. I’m here to help!

I’ve created a free download for you (and you do NOT have to provide an email address to access it).

My property photography eBook contains lots of images, testimonials, answers to frequently asked questions, and full details of my property photography packages, including pricing.

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Free Download:
Property Photography eBook: Your Questions Answered

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Investment and Business Growth

Do your guests tell you that your property exceeds their expectations? This means your photos aren’t doing it justice. If you’ve captured your own interior photographs using your phone or compact camera, then you probably ended up with distorted lines, flat lighting, and windows that are so bright that you can’t see the view outside! This is not the look you want.

Planning Your Interior & Exterior Property Photography

I want to know all about your property, from the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and public rooms, to the property’s location and orientation. Don’t worry if you don’t know which direction your property faces in! Just tell me which rooms get the sun in the morning or afternoon, and I’ll work out the rest. I’ll be able to gauge the amount of photography and post-production required, and the amount of travelling involved. The weather is a consideration as well…

Soft Lighting for your Interior Property Photography

Firstly, let’s consider your interiors. Ideally, we want beautiful soft light (preferably light cloud cover). Sunshine would be okay, providing the property doesn’t have huge south-facing windows (we don’t want the sun blasting in, creating bright highlights and harsh shadows).

We want to avoid wet weather, as we don’t want to see a damp exterior, or rain streaming down the windows in the interior shots. Ideally, we also want to avoid very changeable weather, which makes it difficult to capture consistent light throughout the portfolio of images.

If your property is large, then I’ll be able to shoot the interior in sunny weather (or overcast weather), as I’ll work my way around the property photographing the west-facing rooms first and the east-facing rooms later, after the sun has moved round.

Now, let’s consider the exterior and your architectural images. This is where we want bright, sunny, blue sky conditions! How do we juggle these different lighting requirements?

Sunny Weather for your Exterior Property Photography

Regardless of the size of your property, my top priority will be the interior, given that it will have been cleaned and styled especially for the photoshoot.

With the exterior, my only stipulation is that we avoid a wet day. It’s fine it’s overcast as I can simply ‘photoshop’ a blue sky into the images in post-production. Whether or not I can fly my drone will depend on the weather conditions (and any local flying restrictions). I won’t be able to deploy it in the rain or strong winds, so fingers crossed for a dry, calm day.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Let me tell you about my approach to property photography.

I’m NOT going to sweep through your property and snap it in an hour. If another photographer offers you this service, then you should be extremely wary.

I’m a perfectionist. That’s why I get results and deliver top quality images to my clients. Perfectionism and speed DON’T go hand-in-hand. When I arrive at your property, I’ll start by having a thorough look around. I’ll build up a mental picture and plan the order in which to capture the images.

Attention to Detail

I’ll shoot all the images on a tripod, so that I can meticulously compose every shot. I’ll slowly scan each room by eye, picking up on squint picture frames, wonky curtains, or ugly wheelie bins visible through the windows. The more time I invest in styling a room, the better the photographs are going to look.

I’ll use a spirit level on my camera to avoid converging vertical lines in the images. I’ll also measure the colour temperature in every room so that the photographs will look true to life. Then, I’ll capture multiple images that I’ll later blend together in post-production, meaning that we’ll see detail in the brightest and darkest parts of each image. All of this happens slowly.

I’ll leave your property exactly as I found it and you won’t need to clean up after me. If I’m there for the day, I’ll eat my packed lunch outdoors or in my car. I’ll even bring my own loo roll, hand towel and soap, so that I’m not using anything intended for your guests!

Free Download:
Property Photography eBook: Your Questions Answered


Please Get In Touch!

My calendar fills up quickly (especially in spring, summer and autumn) and I’m sure you don’t want to end up on a waiting list. So, let’s get the ball rolling TODAY.

Please complete my contact form and provide the following information:

  • Your preferred photography package (please see the packages in my eBook).
  • Your availability and timescales.
  • The location of the property.
  • The size of the property (number of public rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms).
  • The orientation of the property.
  • Whether you need both interior and exterior images.

Interior Property

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Promotional image for interior property photography showing a converted church with an open-plan lounge and kitchen

Exterior Property

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